In life, time is the one thing we have no control over, yet everyday we have grown into a life of existence. We sit on our couch and veg from one tv show to the next. We are hung over weekend after weekend. We use the phrases “tomorrow”, “next week” and “next year”. Our actions and thoughts are guided by computerized algorithmic equations stripping us from natural selection and creation and instead into a life of existing and prediction. Let’s think about the past. To make a living one needed to create food through picking seeds, planting, watering, and harvesting them to bring to life the necessities we needed called food. We created food. Think about the industrial revolution and why it is considered one of the greatest advancement of technology in the human race. We created machines. Now, think about today; literally today. What did you create? The waffles on your plate? The heat from your toaster? The computer you use at work? The car you drive in? The clothes you wear? The app you stare at all day? All we do it type buttons on our phone to deliver groceries, rate movies, change the temperature in our homes, change the channel, and update ourselves on everyone else’s lives. The millennial generation has fallen into a trap of existence and in living snapshots clips of life without realizing that existence is what kills, while creation is what lives.


I am not writing this article to say we are lazy or to say we live in a generation where we don’t do anything. There are some fascinating creations in the world and technological advances that have made a completely different style of life than we ever saw possible. And it will continue changing. All you 80’s and 90’s babies, did you ever think you could order pizza without actually talking to somebody on the phone? Did you think EDM would become the most popular form of music on the planet? Or did you ever think that the music streaming service you crashed every computer with turned out to be the stepping-stone for massive advancement and to a phone that does everything for us? This article to meant to highlight the issue of creation versus existence and bring to light that we are the source of change and creation of life and that we need to be able to separate ourselves from “following” to “creating”. We must retrain our brains to live!


Why are you on the earth? What is your purpose? You are going to die in less than 100 years. Do you remember how fast the last two went? Why do let judgment bother you? Why is your apartment not good enough? Why are others so happy with so little? What is the point of what we are doing? Our actions are guided by our purpose. I am writing this article because I feel I have a purpose of delivering positivity to others and by trying something I think I am bad at, writing, I am practicing my purpose by hopefully being able to write better so my book I put out next year is able to land with me and anyone else at a deeper level. As I write this I feel like a kid again. I am restoring the sense of giddiness I get out of what I want to be doing. Truthfully, I don’t care if anyone ever reads this. Writing this is fun. The feeling in my bones is a sense of purpose that this article was intended for me to continue a life I want to be living and maybe, just maybe as an extra benefit this article will be able to spread to someone else who needs or wants to try something new. I gained that purpose after life gave me the opportunity to manage and coach a team of 70 people, through having multiple mentors in my 20’s who have shown me that giving back is more important than showing you have it all, and through seeing that when you are positive, people around you will be as well no matter how low or how high their life may be. I took what experiences I had in front of me and turned them into a way of being and purpose for life that I wanted to ware on my sleeve. But purpose is not just something that shows up on your doorstep. Purpose is something you must find within yourself and within the things occurring in your life. It is a mindset, a feeling down to your core that you are so passionate about that you continue moving forward and stop existing. You stop blaming others for failures and start seeing it is up to you to go get by creating life. Don’t get me wrong, when I say the word exist to describe a way of life, I do not mean that relaxing after a hard day of work or watching football on Sundays is a bad thing. What I mean to point out is that we have entered into a digital time where we “can’t wait to go do” without ever making a plan or set timelines to fulfill that goal of “doing”. We waste time lying to ourselves when we say we are going to do something we are not. We give our word to ourselves all the time with no real intention that we are actually going to follow through with the action. When you have purpose, your means for living mean something not just to you but to those who you surround yourself with. I used to be that guy, lying to myself, telling myself I needed to go to the gym after I saw a guy on Instagram who made me look out of shape. And I always convince myself I was going to do it but I did not create any action to make it happen. I used to say I was going to train to do an Ironman. I used to give me word out so easily that my friends even made jokes that I was just a talker. My words had no purpose, no backing, no meaning for anyone to believe. I wasn’t creating, I was existing and in turn making the world worse as I was depressed at the fact that I wasn’t doing what I wanted, and blind to realize it was up to me to change. When I decided to create my life I realized that my mood has changed to excitement and through the creation of excitement the world, or at least my world, has become dramatically better with relationships and with my sense of purpose for why I am even blessed with the opportunity to live. I stopped judging, I stopped lying, I stopped living for tomorrow and instead I live in the moment. I learned what true love is. Millennial’s we have been interjected through advancement of life into a world of technology that has us stop creating and instead existing through the admiration of others.


Millennials, think about it, who do you follow on Instagram besides your friends? Celebrities? Athletes? Photographers? Sports Channels? Companies of brands you like? What do they have in common…THEY ALL CREATE! They all understand that one must create to find success, whether that is to grab attention for their brand or to capture a feeling of a moment to share with everyone. Why can’t you go create that? Have you ever thought, “Damn that photographer must have woken up at 4 am to get that shot. Fuck that!” This is the exact thinking that life is hard, that 4am is early, that lunch is between 12-1. Your life is what YOU create and what you believe. How do all those people you follow have so many followers? Celebrities…because they create movies for you to enjoy, Athletes…because they create athleticism through hard work to create a game for you to watch, Photographers…they create photos for themselves that in turn can be shared for your viewing pleasure, Sports Channels…they created highlights for you to watch and break away from your now, Nike…they create tangible goods for you to wear and enjoy. Do you get it? What have you or your company done to thrive? What have you done besides exist? If you are in sales are you waiting for the sale to come to you? No, go create the sale. If you are in restaurants, do servers hope their guests have a good time? No, they create the great time. Creativity of life has been left to “the computer scientists”, “the artists”, and “marketing” team. What I am saying is that it is important for you to dig deep into your mind, into your passion, into your vision on life and RUN. We waste to much time walking through life without passion and excitement in our life for what we are doing and we leave excuses on the table everyday such as “one day”, “next time”, “tomorrow”, or “next year”. I’ll tell you right now that I when I stopped the mindset of saying tomorrow or next year, I made a promise to myself to compete in an Ironman race, write a book, transition into a new career I was passionate about, and become a real estate developer, ALL OF MY ACTIONS AND THOUGHTS ALIGNED WITH THIS. I see life differently. Values of mine have changed. I have not completed these creations yet, but everyday the words I speak, my posture I stand and sit in, and my mind all take action as if they are on a path to a greater good, and that feels amazing.


Now just because I made that promise to myself does not mean that my purpose in life is complete and that every day is fucking great. It’s not, but life is about what fulfilling your purpose and when I know that I am progressing on what I promised myself, there is a feeling of accomplishment no matter what shit stick life throws in front of me. Everyday there is a feeling of winning, yet I only have one competitor, myself. Life is about the management and battle you have with yourself, no one else. You may look at others and blame them for your reason for being sad, pissed, or negative, but I challenge you to look inside. Ask yourself, what is my purpose. Are you jealous of others yet you haven’t taken the steps needed to accomplish your dreams? If you are 20, I challenge you to create a purpose for the next year and go after it with all you got, whether that be to get straight A’s, becoming versed in another language, or starting that t-shirt company you always wanted to. If you are 25, I challenge you to question if you are doing exactly what you want to be doing for the rest of your life, to say no to drinking at a bar once every weekend, to put the money you would have spent away drinking into a savings account to buy your first house, and to stop saying you know or want to get healthy and instead start meal prepping, going to the gym and getting that 6 pack you know you can get if you actually spend time doing it.


What this is going to take may drive everyone who reads this crazy, but put down your damn phone. When you are at the dinner table, speak to your parents about your purpose and dreams. At the gym, put away your phone and start exercising 110%. When you are out with your friends, live, laugh and stop worrying what your friends Snapchat has updated. Lets get back to the old school values where life was not so busy and complicated through technology and instead focused on what matters, our purpose; purpose of family, love, passion and determination to create a great life for ourselves and everyone else around us because that is what we deserve. I challenged you to pick up a book and read instead of the bottle to relax. I challenge you to say sorry and show humility even though you want to be the tough guy. I challenge you to eat vegetables. I challenge you to create a life to be able to live long, healthy and prosperous with no stress, hands opened wide and a heart open and ready to accept everyone.




Author: Jacob Morgan on December 1st, 2015


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    Jacob, I am so proud of you! How awesome as your mother to be able to say, “You inspire me”! I cannot way to read your book. I predict it will be a best seller!!!

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